Lioness – Pride of CilQ 2018: Album Review (Namibia)

TR Majaya

Lioness… the name says it all! I won’t even break the ice, let me just start. The intro itself had me in my feels. The analogy by the guy talking is of an album in the context of Lioness’ music being comparable to having a meal. It needs to be balanced with meat, carbs, veggies, some gravy and so on. …


Music With A Message – with ThatBoyMassin (Zambian Singer)

TR Majaya

When it comes to making music, artists all have a different approach for it. Some are in it to try and make money, many others do it for love, some use it as an outlet for their life struggles. This particular artist from Zambia is unique because he uses music and his music in particular as a vehicle for fostering …


When The Calling Is Deep – with Millicent (Zimbabwean Singer)

TR Majaya

The African Music Industry podcast takes us to Zimbabwe this time around! As you know, I am from Zim myself so it’s always an honour to host a fellow Zimbo! We get to know a bit more about singer and songwriter, Millicent. For some musicians out there, making music is a true calling. You want it, you feel it, you …


Professionalism in African music business – with Michele Baldini

TR Majaya

MJ talks to Michele Baldini Di Sant’Arcangelo from Panamusiq about the African Music Industry from the perspectives of artist management, professionalism and growing the business. For any industry to be considered an industry, all major points of the value chain must be handled by professionals. This is where many music markets fall short across Africa. How can we change that …

Find The Gaps In The Industry – with Barrister Emeka Obidiebube

TR Majaya

It was great to get a chance to speak with Barrister Emeka Obidiebube who is an Entertainment Lawyer specialising in contracts, Talent Manager and Music Promoter. He is also the CEO of Boop One Time. We discussed the role of an Entertainment Lawyer in the music industry, how Boop One Time is unearthing raw talent in Nigeria and more among …

Hard Work Pays Off – with LINDA (Kenyan Girl Group)

TR Majaya

Kenyan girl group LINDA have been in the music industry for over a year now and in that time have established themselves as easily one of the best groups in Africa. With a buzzing social media presence and plenty of material, they have defined what consistency means in the music industry. MJ chats with the members, Beryl, Alexis and Raych …

Why Musicians Need A Publicist – with Unathi Memela (South Africa)

TR Majaya

Getting your house in order as a musician is quite a task. It involves surrounding yourself with the right team. Many artists don’t really understand what publicity is. In turn the value of publicists is often grossly understated. Publicists are underrated in the music industry yet they bring undeniable value. “So what exactly does a publicist do?” MJ chats with …

Driving The African Narrative – with ML (Namibian Musician)

TR Majaya

2017 was a good year for Namibian music with some of the biggest musical influences releasing albums and gaining more recognition on the African front. For a relatively small country in terms of population, Namibia also has its struggles which affect their wider music industry. “When music is consumed beyond the borders of Africa, it is an opportunity to show …

Digital Marketing for Musicians – with Nsimbi Josh (Ugandan Entrepreneur)

TR Majaya

Digital Marketing plays a huge role in today’s music industry. This is no longer just limited to just advertising trying to sell tickets or music. The digital space is vast. We have social media platforms and various ways of facilitating two-way communication between musicians and their fans. This also applies to other brands within the industry as well. We take …