South African artist Serati Maseko releases her EP “Rapture”

Serati – Rapture EP (2018)

Rapture /ˈraptʃə/ a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.

This is what you should expect after listening to Serati’s first EP release.

Serati is a young and upcoming singer, songwriter, guitar player, model and a blogger. She hails from Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rapture is a short collection of Serati’s musical styles that blend African sounds with folk and soul melodies. Released one month after her debut original single, “Why do you tempt me?”, this EP project aims at putting Serati on the map of African artists to watch.

Rapture EP– Playlist

  1. Why Do You Tempt Me? (Produced, mixed and mastered by B’Hitz) – 4:19
  2. What Will I Tell Them? (Produced, mixed and mastered by Innocent Mujwahuki & Willie HD) – 4:19
  3. Free Soul (Produced, mixed and mastered by C9 Kanjenje) – 5:10
  4. Ode To music (Produced, mixed and mastered by C9 Kanjenje) – 4:23

Panamusiq is a Pan African artist management company representing acts from Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. Serati is signed with Panamusiq since September 2017.

Get Serati’s MediaKit, full Press Release and more here

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