Wizkid’s Coachella Performance That Didn’t Happen

You and I like many other Africans especially in the diaspora were looking forward to Afrobeats and Nigerian star, Wizkid, gracing the stage on one of the biggest live performance concert on the globe – Coachella. The first weekend of April 14th, Coachella promptly released a statement apoogising for Wizkid’s absent but confirmed a rescheduling for April 21st.

Wizkid himself tweeted this:

Come April 21st, Wizkid did not perform at Coachella and this time around there was no apology or mention of what happened. This left many fans and media players around the world speculating what could have caused the no show. Some reports claimed that Wizkid was spotted in Lagos less than 24 hours before the supposed Coachella performance which sparked a lot of online debates.

All things considered, one would have thought an opportunity such as Coachella would be too hard to pass by for someone that has gained international fanfare such as Wizkid has in the last couple of years. It would be the profile-raising performance where he could have shared similar praise to the invincible Beyonce after her phenomenal 2 hour performance. At this point only Wizkid and Coachella know the real story. It’s very hard to see Wizkid getting invited to Coachella again following this.

We certainly hope that this is a one-off thing that will not negatively impact Wizkid’s otherwise blossoming career.

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